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Retail Website Templates

The Wordpress CMS is the foundation of the web site management and is the only CMS option we offer. The degree of difficulty and cost is proportionate to the degree of customisation. This process is highly structured for simplicity and effectiveness, while still permitting individual design flexibility. A site is based on a Tourplan Template and the Tourplan Retail Booking Engine. Six templates are currently available:

Retail Site Documentation

Retail websites require a custom project - please contact Tourplan Application Services to discuss requirements.


webConnect Online Distribution Package, otherwise known as webConnect ODP, is a comprehensive suite of web distribution tools for Tourplan clients. WebConnect ODP enables Tourplan clients to offer their agents and other B2B partners:

  • Online Bookings
  • Online Tariffs
  • Online Custom Packages
  • Online ProductContent, including brochure like fact-sheets and a Media Library
  • Online Accounts

webConnect ODP is available in 3 environments:

1. Standard Look

Standard look has 5 different style options per the demo links below

Look 1 Look 2 Look 3 Look 4 Look 5

Quick and easy to install by local Tourplan offices. Offers a basic level of branding and styling including:

  • Company banner
  • Site colours (background, menus, links, text)

Can usually be implemented within 1-2 weeks (excluding product data and content loading tasks)

2. WordPress CMS Wrap-around

This is a technology integration feature offered by Tourplan. Tourplan's webConnect ODP is integrated with the Wordpress CMS (one of the world's most widely used content management systems). The CMS is used to implement and maintain a company site design including visual, navigational and content elements.

A "Login to Agent Area" function can be implemented anywhere on the site. The Agent Area is the front door to webConnect ODP. For a relatively low investment, a highly functional and professional B2B web presence can be created and maintained.

Wordpress Wrap-around sites require a custom project - please contact Tourplan Application Services if you would like to discuss and implement one of these websites.

3. iFrame Only

Tourplan's webConnect ODP can be deployed in an iFrame mode, allowing clients to integrate webConnect themselves seamlessly within their own website.

This will require some integration work by the client's website developers including a knowledge of iFrame display and sizing techniques.

Connectivity Edition

Supplier Extranet(Login “NOVBKK”, with password “NOVBKK”)

Standard Edition

Management Dashboard - CEO View(Login “Tourplan”, no pw)
Management Dashboard - FIT Manager View (Login “Tourplan”, no pw)
Agent CRM (Login “Tourplan”, no pw)